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Executive Board

President Harry O’Neill 2021 to Present (1st 4 year term)
Vice President Lisa DeMartini 2021 to Present (1st 4 year term)
2nd Vice President Dennis Daly 2021 to Present (1st 4 year term)
Secretary Cyrise Dixon 2013 to Present (3rd 4 year term)
Treasurer Matt Illich 2017 to Present (2nd four term)

Board of Directors

Jim Dougherty- 2014-present (2nd term)
Bob Lythgoe- 2014-present (2nd term)
William Clark- 2014-present (2nd term)
Kyle Cutcliff- 2018-present (1st term)
Ray Castaldi- 2014-present (honorary director)
Denis Daly- 2014-present (2nd term)
Mike Dolly- 2014-present (2nd term)
Jay Volpone- 2014-present (2nd term)
Roger Joseph- 2014-present (2nd term)
Joe O’Neill- 2014-present (2nd term)

Organizational Directors

FOP Lodge 27
FOP Lodge 19
FOP Lodge 30
Del. Co. Police Chiefs Association
Del. Co. Council, Chairman
PA State Police, Media
DCLEMF, Past President
Del. Co. District Attorney
Survivor- Ms Jeanne Sides 2017-Present (1st. four year term)
DCLEMF, Past President- Joseph T. Hackett, 1998-2007

DCLEMF, Past President-Thomas Worrilow, 2007-2012

DCLEMF, Past President-James Reardon, 2012-2020

Revised: 01/14/2021

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